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The True Fundamentals of Golf

Welcome to WISDOM IN GOLF, where the secrets to enhancing your game are backed by science, neurology, medicine, and of course sports!

  • What if you discovered that the ways you've manipulated your body in an effort to perfect your golf game actually made your game suffer?
  • What if you discovered that simply changing your focus to specific, methodical actions and tasks could help your performance soar?
  • What if you discovered THAT YOUR ANATOMY WAS MADE TO PERFORM GOLF MOVEMENTS and that you don't break bad habits, you just REPLACE THEM?

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Previously only available to members of the Wisdom in Golf Premium channel, this amazing 5 part series featuring over 5 hours of instruction is guaranteed to improve your game! Starting with the fundamentals, this series progresses through the whole bag including the short game, driver, putting and even the mental game. Unbelievable features including: on-course playing lessons with Shawn, FlightScope ball flight analysis, slow motion, split-screen and multi-angle views. Start lowering your scores now!

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about us

Learn More About In-Person Coaching from Shawn Clement

Shawn's enthusiastic teaching style and passion for golf is world-renowned. With over 20 million views on YouTube, Shawn has helped countless golfers improve their games and often has international students visit the Golf Learning Centre for private lessons.

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Who We Are

Welcome to WISDOM IN GOLF, where the secrets to enhancing your game are backed by science, neurology, medicine, and of course sports! We celebrate the genius of gravity and motion instead of harping on any perceived defect. WE HUMANS ARE NOT DEFECTIVE! - we are learning machines. And when you learn, there are no mistakes, just "is or is not", "doing or not doing" or "on or not on task". A focus on learning and awareness of our body's abilities keeps the focus on staying in the zone and not on getting distracted by the fears of doing things incorrectly.

What We Believe

Imagine a place where you feel relaxed, engaged, and absorbed, where the theme is abandonment of control instead of seeking more control, feeling rhythm come to you instead of manipulating rhythm, and painting with broad and fluid strokes instead of painting by numbers. We chose the word WISDOM because it embodies what we do and teach: that combining knowledge, experience, understanding, and common sense all lead to better performance. Led by Shawn Clement, with 30 years teaching experience and helping golfers up their game, WISDOM IN GOLF taps in directly to how your brain and body are wired and formed to open the door to a new way of approaching the game of golf. THIS IS TRULY HOW GOLF SHOULD HAVE BEEN TAUGHT IN THE FIRST PLACE!

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About Shawn

For those of you who do not know yet who I am, please consult my bio and know that I am a lifer in Golf and was put on this planet to help people enjoy a game that is so profound on so many levels. Golf can be played so easily with the right focus and can be so incredibly frustrating and elusive when you are focused on the wrong task.

The most important tool that started me properly on this journey was the experience I had from age 17 (I am now 51) with the Canadian Ski Patrol and their relentless passion in making sure you knew what you were doing when treating a victim with a broken limb on the ski hill before transporting to hospital with vital information for the Emergency MD.

This information helped guide me through the maze of golf instruction that was based purely on opinions that were based on assumptions of how the human body works. To this day, we do not have any documents, seminars, manuals on basic anatomy in the field of golf instruction which is very disturbing considering we are on the front lines of your abilities to learn this game and play for life!

  • So chalk up 6 years on the Ski Patrol from 1982 to 1988
  • Started playing golf in 1977 and teaching in 1984 at the tender age of 19
  • First full time position as a teacher at the Grey Rocks resort in 1988
  • Royal Laurentian Golf Club in 1989
  • Golf 57 in 1990-93
  • Owned and operated my own golf store North of Montreal from 1993-96
  • America's Favourite golf schools Head Instruction at Penn National PA and Examiner for US Golf Teacher's Federation 1996-1999
  • Canadian Tour and North Florida PGA mini tour 1997 to 1999
  • Intrawest Mt Tremblant 1999-2001
  • Taboo Resort and Spa (Mike Weir's Home Course) 2002-2004
  • Playing and Instruction Editor for Golf Tips Magazine from 2001 to 2004
  • Richmond Hill Golf Learning Centre 2005 to present.
  • 2011 final 3 Nominee for PGA of Ontario Teacher of the Year

Television and Radio Experience

  • Most Popular Teacher on YouTube from 2007 to 2012 and top 5 instructor (I refuse to buy subscribers) now with over 30 Million hits and counting with 65 thousand natural and unsolicited subscribers. My own website and forum is closing in on 20 thousand members
  • Started important initiative with Jose Kuhn with www.ADHDGolf.com and #Millionnewgolf and @millionnewgolf with Conor O'Shea. These keep me in the loop as to important new discoveries of Learning motor skills from multiple points of view and makes me a better teacher and coach; which in turn, makes you a better golfer!
  • Naz and Wally Sports Hour on AM 740 Toronto 2014 - Can't forget the Zoomers! My Specialty! Insanely important to have a powerful action in any sport that will not strain your body and injure you; this defeats the whole purpose and is not acceptable!
  • Top rated entry at Golf Channel's Instructor Search, Over 800 votes for my entry with Skully and most used entry on Golf Central. They just were not ready for me! :) One day my time will come and the rest of the golf industry will know and understand why the only way to learn is with Wisdom!
  • July 2001, Golf Channel's Academy Live with Jerry Foltz and Mike Ritz
  • Golf tips for Cogeco Cable's Golf Show 1997-1999
  • Golf Tips after traffic report at Radio CKAK Montreal 1992-1993

So, by now, you know what I have done, you know that I know what I am doing, you have a better Idea what I have gone through to get you this cutting edge, top of the heap way to learn motor skills pertaining to golf and, according to many of my thousands of testimonials, other sports such as tennis, baseball, hockey, ping pong, skiing, fishing, carpentry, demolition, grass whipping and scything just to name a few!

Hang on to your hats, this great ride just keeps on getting better and we are in this for the long haul, so get on the roller coaster and stay on it as we head down the rabbit hole to Golf Wonderland!

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Professional Associates

Paul Davies
President Wisdom In Golf Canada

Paul loves to compete and plays in Canadian PGA events every year to keep his skills sharp. After a decade of teaching, he still studies the game and teaches with the passion that makes him an engaging Head Instructor.

905-889-4653 x48

Matt Blois
Wisdom In Golf Marketing Director

Wisdom in Golf's new website design, YouTube videos and social media are all produced by Matt and his company Between the Lines Media. Please feel free to contact him for help with your business:


Edouard Montaz
Wisdom In Golf Europe

You have seen him in two of my videos and he is now creating wonderful French versions of my YouTube lessons. He has come so far with my teaching methods and success for him in Paris is gaining momentum by the day with one of his pupils winning the French Amateur Championship. He is very fluent in English, so for those of you in Europe, he is our VP of operations there, centrally located in Paris


Paul Hung

Paul is a CPGA golf pro and the designated Mandarin speaking instructor. Now an assistant professional of Shawn Clement, nominated teacher of the year 2012, he has a thorough understanding of golf biomechanics and psychology.


John Carroll

John has an impressive career in golf, from being a Head Professional in 1974-1979 to holding a position of Director of Golf Operations at The Club Pelican Bay from 1979 to 2007. John was nominated a Teacher of the Year award in 1989 and twice - Golf Professional of the Year. Just recently he was honored with The Florida State Senior Award.


Jim Kronus

Jim Kronus is the best in the world at what he does and will revive any forged iron you have; he works on several of the tour player's clubs including Tiger Woods and Steve Elkington's and you will be nothing short of amazed when you see your irons come back. Jim is a true artist and recommending him will only make you like me more!


Derrick Sands

Derrick has been coaching golf for eight years at the high school where he teaches mathematics. His goal as an instructor of golf is to instill a focused, can-do attitude toward the game. Derrick, a Wisconsin native, has been following Shawn's teachings for several years, and has experienced great improvement in his swing and overall enjoyment of the game.


Kevin Walker

I discovered Shawn Clement on YouTube some years ago and after watching his videos and seeing how we shared a similar approach to teaching (WIG being significantly more refined) I purchased his DVD set. I have a few students at this time and have fully embraced Shawn's method of teaching with great success. My Students are lowering their scores and enjoying the game of golf once more.


David Depula

David DePula, has been a golf professional for 8 years. His goal as an instructor is simple; empower the student to "Play Their Best Golf Ever!" He asks his students to "believe nothing and validate everything."


Nick Johnson

I am currently in the Minneapolis area and look forward to meeting other avid golfers while teaching and learning as we go! There are two must haves in golf as far as I'm concerned,1. Must have a target! 2. Must have some fun!


Richard Rice

Located in Williamsburg, VA, Richard has been a golf professional for over 3 years. He is a firm believer that anyone of any skill level can succeed and improve as long as they work on the right things. His goal is to give his students the WISDOM to succeed, and the motivation to improve.


Chantal Emond

Committed to health and wellness, Chantal is the founder of Fore! Yoga and has been practicing yoga for over 18 years. An avid golfer, she is uniquely qualified to help golfers of all level reach their full potential, on and off the golf course. Offering the program Yoga for Golfers™ (YFG), she is TPI Certified and teaches privately and in corporate settings with one goal in mind: to help golfers feel better so they can play better and longer! A mind-body approach to golf fitness, YFG is for everyone, and no previous yoga experience is needed. A skillful communicator, Chantal offers dynamic golf specific clinics geared towards improving performance on the golf course, by increasing mobility, balance, strength, and focus.


Cody Vanderfold

I am a high school golf coach and I found Shawn 4 years ago. His teaching methods and style resonated with me from the beginning. I have been studying and applying those methods for the entire time since, and have had the great pleasure of working with Shawn in person while he was here in Dallas. I LOVE teaching and LEARNING! I believe that TARGET FOCUS is the ONLY focus!


Ricky Serrano
PGA Director of Instruction

Ricky Serrano has been the Director of Instruction at Cattail Creek since 2006 and has been teaching and promoting the game of golf since 1999. In that time Ricky has given thousands of golf lessons to adults and juniors at all ages and levels of experience. His teaching philosophy is that there are no short cuts: "Without mastering the fundamentals, I believe you will never be able to reach your full potential as a golfer," he says.

He is a Certified FlightScope Instructor, and prides himself in keeping up with the latest developments in the golf industry. Ricky is always looking for better ways to communicate our wisdom and teach his students with the use of digital video and computer technology, especially in the Learning Center at Cattail Creek Country Club.

410-489-5224 ext. 224

Donna Norman

"Donna Norman has been my right arm in this Academy for the last 5 years and has built an incredible following of new women golfers and is now considered a legend in the area. Fantastic Teacher and an even better person! An angel sent her to us and I am thankful every day that she is on our team!"

-Shawn Clement, Chairman.

Travis Lauterbach

Travis Lauterbach is entering his fifth season as the head coach for the men's and women's golf teams. In that time Lauterbach has led the men's team to a Southern States Athletic Conference title in 2014 and two consecutive NAIA national tournament appearances including a sixth place finish in 2013 event. Lauterbach's golf resume is impressive. He played collegiately at Harding University and has also served the sport as a caddie at some of the country's finest courses, including the Augusta National Golf Club, site of The Masters. The list of golf clients Lauterbach, who is also Faulkner's Sports Facility Coordinator, has caddied for includes Jack Nicklaus and former president Bill Clinton, as well as many professional athletes. He has also worked at other renowned facilities such as Whistling Straits (Wisc.), TPC Sawgrass (Fla.) and TPC Potomac (Md.). Lauterbach earned a degree in Early Childhood Education from Harding in 2006. He added a master's degree in Business Administration in 2007. While in graduate school, he was an assistant coach for Harding's women's golf team.